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Want access to an email sequence that will get your calendar fully booked?

Download your copy of the “Get Fully-Booked Email Sequence”!

Why you ABSOLUTELY need the “Get Fully-Booked Email Sequence”

Get more clients on your calendar and gain the momentum your agency needs!

Let's face it, email marketing is crucial for your business...

Nurturing your leads is so important...


Because they are the only leads you actually own!

Having a powerful email sequence is the foundation to build trust with your new client...

Encourage them to get on a call...

And prime them to purchase your services later!

To help you get more clients excited to book a call with you…

I created this email sequence that identifies their core issue, agitates it, and solves it with your unique solution!

This (fully customizable) email sequence will warm up your existing leads and get them on a call with you.

Once they are on the call...

You get the opportunity to pivot towards your services SMOOTHLY during that call!

It's that simple!

All you need to do is download your copy and start watching your calendar get fully booked!

Here are the sweet details of what to expect from this Email Sequence:

  • You get prompts - so you can easily add in your personal information and personalize the emails
  • You will build authority and trust - so you can stand out from the competition
  • personalized & conversational emails - conversational emails are more persuasive, and can help increase open rates and boost conversions!
  • Agitate the problem your client is having, and solve it using your unique solution - these emails identify your ideal clients, then solve the problem by providing a unique solution
  • Prime your dream client to book a call with you - you will accomplish this with a clear and persuasive massaging AKA indoctrination
  • Identify their pain and problems - so you can position yourself to give them the solution to their situation
  • A clear call to action - these emails will get them excited to book a call with you!
  • All you need to do is plug in your personal information and watch your calendar get fully booked!

You don't want to miss the mark in email marketing…

This is why these emails are exactly what you need to build trust and authority with your dream client, identify their core issue, and solve it with your unique solution!

Look, Douchey Sales Tactics Don't Fly Anymore…

You want to warm up your leads and build a relationship with them by offering a 30min free consultation.

Then pivot to your product or services during your call (once you identified their needs and desires).

Here is what I mean by this…

As you know, there are so many agencies promising insane results, just to land a client.

Which is why you want an email sequence that will help you stand out!

These email sequences will help you build brand authority and trust, and help your new prospect understand your company's core values and mission…

Reach new prospects' emotions by pinpointing their pain, desires, needs, and aspirations.

Then give them your company's unique solution that has helped others (or you) achieve the results they desire.

Then once they are on the call with you…

You will pivot to your product/services, which will be more streamlined (and less douchey), which will convince your new prospect that you have EXACTLY what they need to succeed.

AND help you stand out from the competition!

Still Not Convinced You Need This Template?

As you know, when it comes to your own marketing, you usually have a hard time getting it right.

And sometimes you might (unintentionally) sound desperate or arrogant, which is a turn off…

Or maybe you are putting your marketing on the back burner…

Either way, this email sequence will get you out of a rut, and get more clients on your calendar!

And help you sound genuine and help your dream client know that you want to help them achieve their desired goal/outcome/result.

Don't wait another day to implement this template. You might miss the mark in your emails, which means you are missing out on $$!

I am only offering this template for a limited time to help people like you get their calendar fully booked.

I want to give you an important piece of copy that will help you stand out and get some clients knocking at your door by utilizing the power of this email sequence!

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